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Marina's Flower Creations

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69 Saint Faneromenis Ave Larnaca, Cyprus Tel: +357 24 626062 Email:

  • wedding planning tools cyprus Marina's Flower Creations  Florists
  • wedding planning tools cyprus Marina's Flower Creations  Florists


My name is Marina, and flowers are my passion. That’s why I created a unique place in the center of Larnaca where I can enhance my creativity.
I also believe that learning about your passion can make you a professional or so called in my area of work “An artist”.

Your Bouquet.
Although many people consider the wedding bouquet for a bride as a beautiful and well decorated bunch of flowers there is much more behind that.
The wedding day is the dream comes true for every woman. During that day you want to show the world how happy you are, how complete you feel as a person and show them you are the woman ready to take the next step to happiness. All your sensitivity, kindness, feelings, love, should be externalized through everything that is created for you that special day. A day that will be the best memory of your life.
But there is only one thing that day that shows your entire character. Just one small detail that is able to reflect all the inner world you have and nobody knew…till now!
The bridal bouquet! By your personal selection of the flowers of your bouquet, you are not making a simple selection. You are making a statement.